About Us

Aquamill® was founded to undertake research and development on waste water treatment systems for the mining, food processing and agricultural industries. This resulted in the development of the unique Aquamill® process which was demonstrated successfully using a small-scale prototype.

Subsequently a larger 3,000 litre/day prototype unit was constructed for further research and development work with the aim of commercialising the technology. The increasing demand for effective waste water decontamination systems led to the development of a mobile 15,000 litre/day pilot plant, occupying a smaller footprint than the previous generation unit. This unit is now available for trials by interested parties.

Testing and implementation of the 15,000 litre/day Aquamill® pilot plant is currently taking place. From the basis of the current pilot plant, Aquamill® plans to develop a larger range of waste water treatment systems with increased processing rates in excess of 1,000 kilolitres/day to suit a larger range of applications.

Aquamill Five Star Pty Ltd

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