A world-first advance in water purification technology


Patented Thermal Process

Simple, Scalable

Low Cost

Energy Efficient

The Aquamill® 15,000 L/day pilot plant


Aquamill® has made a world-first advance in water purification technology which removes purified water from polluted water originating from a wide range of sources. The process is equally suited for purifying contaminated water, for concentrating industrial waste water and for use in industrial evaporator processes. It is based on a modular platform which has been shown to be scalable up to industrial plant sizes, is easy to maintain, and has a compact physical footprint.

Existing water purification processes are based upon membrane, thermal or ion-exchange technologies. Aquamill® uses a proprietary patented thermal process in a novel way which gives rapid evaporation and avoids scale build-up, especially on the important heat transfer surfaces. Many of the beneficial attributes of the Aquamill® process can be traced back to these features. A key outcome of the process is that it allows separation of the water from contaminated industrial waste water utilising the novel concept of free-surface evaporation.


Patented Thermal Process

The Aquamill® unit uses a patented thermal process to superheat contaminated water separating the water from contaminant on-site. The result is a highly concentrated by-product which has reduced handling costs and a large proportion of pure water for reuse. The extracted water can be safely discharged directly into the environment, reticulated on-site or sold.


Simple, Scalable

The Aquamill® unit has a simple, robust design which is low cost, easy to maintain and highly efficient with relatively few parts. The system fits in a 20 foot container envelope which is scalable by linking multiple units and capable of processing between 10,000L/Day and 1,000,000L/Day.


Low Cost

The technology is expected to meet increasing demand for managing the costs of treating contaminated waste water in the manufacturing or extractive industries. The Aquamill® unit produces a near zero liquid discharge (typically less than 20%) for input water having 3.5-8.1% salt water concentrations. An added benefit is the ability to recycle or sell the clean water. The unit also has low energy requirements and because of its non-scaling features significantly reduces maintenance costs and maintains low energy costs.


Energy Efficient

The Aquamill® unit can treat water having super-saline concentrations (compared to Reverse Osmosis) and water with high levels of sparingly soluble salts without long maintenance down-time due to scale build-up. Its water extraction efficiency is greater than 80%. The unit removes many types of chemical compounds including those of arsenic and boron which are difficult to remove using other processes and sterilizes most pathogens in water including bacteria, viruses and fungi.


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